Build Strength

Coach Sharita and friends will walk you through simple yet challenging strength moves that get progressively harder to keep your results a-coming. Each week you'll do an upper body and a lower body strength-focused workout.

HIIT Workouts

The Sweat Season series also includes a variety of high intensity interval training workouts that incorporate strength and cardio to help you burn lots of calories in a short period of time. Every week you'll also sweat through 2 HIIT workouts with Coach Sharita!

Bonus Coaching Content

To keep you on track and give you extra pointers to make your Sweat Season your best season, Coach Sharita will be sharing additional coaching tips and motivation throughout the challenge.

Watch from Anywhere, Anytime

All of the Sweat Season workouts are yours to stream or download from anywhere at anytime so you can sweat on your schedule!

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  • SWEAT Season At Home Fitness Series

    17 videos

    SWEAT Season is an exciting fitness video series that features a robust library 30 minute workout videos that you can follow along with at home, on the road, or in the gym. Your favorite virtual coach, Sharita Jennings, will keep you pumped as you focus on total body strength and boost your metab...

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